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Train safely with our proven Floor-Stand-Air-Method and enjoy pole dance training in studio quality. No matter when or where you train – POLEPLACE is always there.

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Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve got some training under your belt – we got you covered.

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Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a pro instructor – we got you covered.




A pole dance studio in your pocket.

It’s NOT just online pole dance.

Floor, Stand & Air

Our proven Floor-Stand-Air-Method will have you mastering all our techniques safely in no time at all. This method is the result of 10+ years of pole dancing experience, teaching more than 2.000 different students.

You’ll start safely and firmly on the ground as you familiarise yourself with the technique, then work your way up into a standing position before finally taking the move onto the pole and into the air.


We are constantly working to make POLEPLACE better and better. That’s why we publish new content for you every month and keep the platform up to date.

Follow along in real time

Have you ever tried to learn a new technique from a clip on Instagram or YouTube? It’s hard, right? Pausing, skipping and pressing rewind is a waste of time and really kills your flow. With POLEPLACE you simply press play and let the magic happen. We even take the time to clean the pole together.


Our community is the heart of POLEPLACE. Share your experiences with other members, motivate each other to achieve top performance and spread lots of love.


Would you like feedback in real time? Then you will love our live lessons. We also have regular community calls where we answer your questions or address specific topics.

studio like training experience

Forget that we are an “online” studio. Training with us is at the highest level and is in no way inferior to an offline studio.

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