A pole dance studio in your pocket.

With POLEPLACE your personal pole dance studio is always with you.
Take your classes anytime, anywhere – on any device.

The only platform you’ll ever need to learn pole dance

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve got some training under your belt – we got you covered.

Brand new

Got two left feet? Start with our 10-day intro program.


Got the basics down? Level up with ne moves and routines.


Feel pretty confident? Learn more challenging skills and pieces.


Already killin’ it? Get yourself some new inspiration.


POLEPLACE was built for everyone interested in learning pole dance. Wether you’re a total beginner or have some experience. Learn at your pace with your own routine and find your

We are so proud of our students. You can do it too.

More than 5,000 success stories cannot be wrong. Poleplace helps you learn pole dance successfully and takes your skills to the next level.

Floor, Stand & Air

Our proven Floor-Stand-Air-Method will have you mastering all our techniques safely in no time at all. This method is the result of 10+ years of pole dancing experience, teaching more than 2,000 different students.

You’ll start safely and firmly on the ground as you familiarise yourself with the technique, then work your way up into a standing position before finally taking the move onto the pole and into the air.

Follow along in real time

Have you ever tried to learn a new technique from a clip on Instagram or YouTube? It’s hard, right? Pausing, skipping and pressing rewind is a waste of time and really kills your flow. With POLEPLACE you simply press play and let the magic happen. We even take the time to clean the pole together.

Create your own routine

With more than 140 on demand tutorials, and more on the way, we understand if you’re feeling overwhelmed. That’s why we’ve created a way for you to highlight your favourite moves or save them as part of different training routines.

Want to work on your weekly stretching skills? Just choose your routine and click play.

for every space, at any pace

Our mission: to spread the joy of pole throughout the world. No matter where you live, we want to help you transform your home into your own personal POLEPLACE.

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